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1) Transport: 

             Myra Peskin will arrange transport for TICK members in need

 2) Visiting Sick people at Home, Hospitals & Nursing homes: 

Sandy Yankowitz will make sure the Community is notified of sick people and will see that sick people are called, visited and provided with meals.

Marni Green will follow up on all sick people and ensure all their needs are met..

 3) Shiva:

Keith Mankowitz will make sure there are Siddurim & a Torah at                 a Shiva house. 

Wendy Goldberg will send the first meal from the Chesed                        committee. 

Susie Rosenblum will arrange meals for Shiva

 4) Babies: 

Wendy Goldberg will send a meal from the Chesed committee. 

Susie Rosenblum will arrange meals.

 5) New Arrivals to the Community: 

Wendy Goldberg will send a meal from the Chesed committee &             coordinate meals.

Marni Green will call new families, assess their needs &                           ensure they are settled.

Susie Rosenblum will send meals for 4 days

 6) General Help: 

Keith Mankowitz will arrange for help putting up Succahs etc

 7) Meals for the needy: 

Janice Mankowitz will partner with Tomchei Shabbos, arrange  TICK baking for Tomchei Shabbos & provide meals for people  in need in our community

 8) Notify committee of things going on in community: 

Keith Mankowitz and Debbie Kay will notify committee of events & sick people

 9) Kindness Committee: 

Janice Mankowitz & Sandy Yankowitz will make sure people                   who need calls are called.

 10) Meals: 

Susie Rosenblum will provide meals for sick people, families with new babies, families sitting Shiva, etc. 

People must contact Susie if they want to provide meals




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Cell Phones                                    Email

Shari: 550-9061               

Myra; 541-6632              

Susie: 469-1573              

Wendy: 814 2049           

 Janice: 614-6061            

 Lori: 954-2641               

 Sandy: 560-1373           

 Marni: 330-0086            

 Keith: 761-6673             


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