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Rabbi Aaron Winter, ZT''L

After holding prior positions in Richmond, VA and Phoenix, AZ, Rabbi Aaron Winter and Rebbitzen Chani moved to Chesterfield in 1989. Rabbi Winter studied under the revered Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Henach Leibowitz, zt"l where he received his smicha (Rabbinic ordination).  Rabbi Winter also received smicha from HaRav HaGaon Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, zt"l.   Rabbi Winter is known for his focus on Mussar and his unwavering adherence to Halacha.  

Under Rabbi Winter's leadership, our synagogue has established the Chesterfield community eruv, built a full service, state of the art mikvah, and most recently founded the Chesterfield Community Kollel. Additionally, Rabbi Winter spearheaded the drive to bring to Chesterfield the Missouri Torah Institute, a High School for boys that is affiliated with the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva of New York.  The thriving Yeshiva includes a post High School Beis Medrash program, and educates students not only from St. Louis, but from across the United States.

Rebbitzen Chani Winter is a beloved educator, known as "Morah Chani" by the hundreds of students that have walked the hallways of the H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy of St. Louis.  The Rebbitzen serves as a wonderful role model for the women of the community.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Winter have instilled in our community true Torah values and have been instrumental in creating the close knit, Torah based community we are privileged to experience at Tpheris Israel Chevra Kadisha Congregation.

The Winters have eight children and are blessed with many grandchildren.

Tue, January 22 2019 16 Shevat 5779